World Orphans Day 2024 Events

Any social organization can be a part of us.

To be listed as an Organizer of World Orphans Day 2024, please email us to

The Slogan for 2024 is “Make A Difference For Orphans”

Country Ambassadors:

Oumou Kane Mouritania
Fatima Zahra Mechyakha Morocco
Ginna Rodríguez Román Italy
Sarah Boussaid Morocco
Asmaa Tarek Egypt
Yurie Kiyoshima Japan
Sona Mirzoyan India
Anooshay Shaigan UK
Gaby Socias Argentina
Oumou Kane Mauritania
Imane Bensalem North Africa – Morocco
Omnia Tayari
ghada.abbesغادة عباس Ariana, Tunisia
Elizabeth Pinos Ecuador
Ana Aguilar Colombia
Fatima Zahra Mechyakha Morocco
Tony Joy Nigeria
Mary Apollo South Sudan
Akuvi Adjabs Ghana
Yuliya Samoylina
Ioanna Fotopoulou Greece
Naida Kardas
Danha Zamalloa Peru
Diksha Ahi India
Jessica Hohlenwerger Rosa Brazil


20th April is World Orphans Day!
20th April; World Orphans Day!
This an open invitation to all to observe the day worldwide.
Declared by WOC
We will visit Orphanages, Individual Orphan, Street Children, Underprivileged Children, and Widows and will start some effective initiatives for orphans on World Orphans Day with Some gifts like:
1. Delicious Food
2. Toys
3. Clothes
4. Educational Materials
5. Assurance of Legal Support
6. Tips for life and health skills
7. Inspiring Speech
8. Spending Quality time and Selfie
9. Apprenticeship Materials to make them skilled
10. Coding for Orphans
11. Language development program
12. Taking care of Orphan centers/ Orphanages/ shelter houses
13. Encouraging sponsors to focus on underprivileged children
14. Will encourage Adoption
15. Tree Plantation for a better future.
and so on…
You may be able to inbox us to be a part of it.
Please contact:
Please visit:

World Orphans Day

#WorldOrphansDay #StopWarStopKilling #FeedTheOrphans #OurKidsOurFuture #NoWarNoHunger